GE IS200ATBAG1B IS200ATBAG1BAA1 Interface Card

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Manufacture GE
Model IS200ATBAG1B
Ordering information IS200ATBAG1BAA1
Catalog Speedtronic Mark VI
Description GE IS200ATBAG1B IS200ATBAG1BAA1 Interface Card
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The IS200ATBAG1BAA1 is a component manufactured for General Electric’s Mark VI series.  The MKVI is one of the most advanced of GE’s gas/steam turbine Speedtronic management systems that includes a Windows 2000/XP based operator interface, Ethernet and DCS communications,  and Cimplicity software. This server-based HMI/SCADA software collects and shares real-time and historical data that provides visibility to control and monitor plant equipment, processes, and resources.

The largest component on the  IS200ATBAG1BAA1 is a sixty-pin terminal block located in the center of the board.  This block is used to connect to backplane connectors J6 and J7 located on the CABP board (Control Assembly Backplane.)   The two lines of thirty connectors are labeled in blacks ranging from one connector up to thirteen connectors. These include:  system fault string (3,) local fault string (3,) digital inputs (12,) analog inputs (5,) Tachometer (10,) MA Pilot (3,) Fdbk (2,) SSR (2,) digital outputs (13,) pot (2,) and analog outputs (5.)

The  IS200ATBAG1BAA1 is built with two male vertical pin connectors.  These are marked J6 and J7. One is a 36-pin connector (J6,) and the other is a 25-pin connector (J7.)   The opposite side of the board includes a cable shield to protect and contain cables.

The IS200ATBAG1BAA1 should be handled at all times as a static-sensitive board. Technicians should use a grounding strap when installing or maintaining this component.   Our warehouse will use anti-static coverings to protect the board from static discharge during shipment.

GE publication GEI-100284 will provide more information on the installation and maintenance of the IS200ATBAG1BAA1.

The IS200ATBAG1AAA developed by General Electric is an Application I/O Terminal Board designed for the Mark VI series. The Mark VI series is part of the Speedtronic family of gas/steam turbine management. This boards primary function is to provide terminal block connections for the signals found on backplane connectors J6/J7 of the Control Assembly Backplane Board. It is designed with one terminal block that has sixty positions to connect to the J6/J7 connectors on the CABP board. It also has two lines of thirty connectors that are labeled in blocks as follows: system fault string, local fault string, digital input, analog inputs, pot, analog outputs, MA pilot, MA fdbk, SSR, relay contacts, isolate power and tachometer.

They are bordered on one edge by a cable shield and on the other by two connectors, which are labeled J6 and J7. J6 is a 36-pin vertical male pin connector (4 x 9.) J7 is a 25-pin vertical male pin connector. It installs with nine metal screws and washers into standoffs and it is important to fully tighten the screws to secure the board in place.

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