GE DS200TBQCG1A DS200TBQCG1ABB RST Analog Termination Board

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Manufacture GE
Model DS200TBQCG1A
Ordering information DS200TBQCG1ABB
Catalog Speedtronic Mark V
Description GE DS200TBQCG1A DS200TBQCG1ABB RST Analog Termination Board
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The DS200TBQCG1ABB GE RST Analog Termination Board features 2 terminal blocks with each containing 83 terminals for signal wires along with 15 jumpers, 3 40-pin connectors and 3 34-pin connectors. It was designed to be 11.25 inches in length and 3 inches in height and contains one screw hole in each corner for attaching the board in the rack located inside the drive.

It is important to use care when you remove the screws because a lost screw might fall on a board and cause an electrical short that leads to a fire or electrical burn. It might also jam in the moving parts which will damage the parts or cause the drive to fail. Space on the board is allocated to the terminal blocks which supply the means for receiving signals from other boards installed in the drive. These same terminal blocks also enable the board to transmit signals and information to other boards.

The GE RST Analog Termination Board DS200TBQCG1A features 2 terminal blocks. Each block contains 83 terminals for signal wires. The GE RST Analog Termination Board DS200TBQCG1A also contains 15 jumpers, 3 40-pin connectors, and 3 34-pin connectors.

The maximum number of signal wires that you can connect to the terminals is 166. TB1 and TB2 are the IDs associated with the terminal blocks. Also, each terminal is associated with a numerical ID. So, to ID a specific terminal you can use the terminal block ID and the terminal numerical ID together. For example, TB1 83 refers to terminal 83 on terminal block TB1. When you are preparing to replace the GE RST Analog Termination Board DS200TBQCG1A the  best practice is to prepare tags that you can tie on each signal wire attached to a terminal. Write on each tag the terminal block ID and the terminal numerical ID.

The replacement board might be a later version of the same model board. A newer version will contain the latest improvements. This will include the latest firmware and changes to the circuitry. It might also include newer components.

When you visually examine the board, it might have components in different locations and the components might look different. However, the board will maintain compatibility with the drive and will function the same. Also, the connectors will be present on the new board but might be located in different positions.

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