GE IS200DAMBG1A IS200DAMBG1ACB Gate Driver Board

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Manufacture GE
Model IS200DAMBG1A
Ordering information IS200DAMBG1ACB
Catalog Speedtronic Mark VI
Description GE IS200DAMBG1A IS200DAMBG1ACB Gate Driver Board
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The IS200DAMBG1A was made as a component in the Speedtronic Mark VI series by General Electric or GE. The Mark VI is one of several series in GE’s Mark line. This device is a type of printed circuit board or PCB. The IS200DAMBG1A is what is called a gate driver card.

The IS200DAMBG1A is a rectangular circuit board which is small in size. This circuit card has a number of small components located on either side and a few situated in the center. Four large silver components which are made of metal are positioned on the IS200DAMBG1A. Two (2) of these are on the left half and the other two (2) are on the right. A collection of eight (8) capacitors which are solid yellow and round are situated on the IS200DAMBG1A. They are divided into two (2) groups of four (4) capacitors each. These groups are arranged in square formations. Each of these squares has two (2) grey resistors in the center. Many other resistors which are smaller in size but covered in bands that are red, black and yellow can be found on various places on the IS200DAMBG1A. Four light-emitting diodes or LEDs are featured on the IS200DAMBG1A. Two (2) of the LEDs are blue and two (2) of them are yellow.

These LEDs are small in size. On each side of the IS200DAMBG1A, two (2) light-emitting diodes are paired together, one of each color. Near the top left corner of the IS200DAMBG1A, two (2) small integrated circuits are placed paired together. In the center of the IS200DAMBG1A, there are two (2) long white components.

The IS200DAMBG1 developed by General Electric is a device called a gate driver card. This is a type of printed circuit board or PCB made for the Mark VI series of gas/steam turbine controls. It is a small rectangular board with several electronic components positioned on each side and a few that have been placed in the PCB?s center. There is a group of four (4) round yellow capacitors, a variety of small banded resistors, two small LEDs or light-emitting diodes and two small integrated circuits that have been attached to the upper left corner. The center portion of the IS200DAMBG1 contains two (2) white components which are long and rectangular.

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