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Manufacture GE
Model DS200TCQCG1B
Ordering information DS200TCQCG1BGF
Catalog Speedtronic Mark V
Description DS200TCQCG1B DS200TCQCG1BGF RST Overflow Board
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


Product Description

The GE RST Overflow Board DS200TCQCG1B is populated with 24 jumpers and 3 40-pin connectors. It also has 3 34-pin connectors and 1 16-pin connector. The ID assigned to the 16-pin connector is JC. The IDs assigned to the 40-pin connectors are JFF, JE, and 6PL. The board also contains test points that are useful if the board stops functioning entirely or if some of the functions remain operational while others seemed to have stopped functioning or they provide inadequate results.

A qualified servicer has knowledge of the drive and also understands how to work safely around high voltage devices. The qualified servicer understands how to assess the safety of the area surrounding the drive before starting to service the drive. For example, the servicer must verify that the floor is dry and clear of debris. Any water or moisture must be cleared and detergents can be used to clean any oil or grease. Any ungrounded power cords must be removed from the area because of the hazard of electric shock. The servicer must locate and verify that the emergency power shut offs are nearby and operational. Finally, the servicer must have a partner or associate nearby in case an emergency situation occurs. If needed, the associate can call for help, pull the emergency shut off, or assist the servicer.

The qualified servicer is also equipped with the necessary testing devices. The devices must be safe to use around high voltage and must be calibrated to provide accurate values for the testing being performed.

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