Woodward 5464-331 Kernel Power Supply Module

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Manufacture Woodward
Model 5464-331
Ordering information 5464-331
Catalog MicroNet Digital Control
Description Woodward 5464-331 Kernel Power Supply Module
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


10.4.1—Module Description
Each Real Time SIO Module contains the circuitry for three RS-485 ports. Each port is designed to communicate with EM or GS/LQ Digital Actuator Drivers. For each port, one driver is allowed for every 5 ms. Each driver is identified by its address switches, which must match the driver number in the GAP application program. The RS-485 communications to the Universal Digital Drivers can be used for monitoring or control purposes.
The Real Time SIO Module features:

5 ms update rate for critical parameters, with one driver per port

Digital Actuator Driver interface

Each RS-485 port may run in a different rate group

Communication fault detection for each driver, drivers with comm faults are disabled

Monitoring of driver parameters remotely

Configuration of driver parameters remotely

Allows a fast and very accurate position command (16 bits, no noise) for the drivers

The modules slide into card guides in the control’s chassis and plug into the motherboard. The modules are held in place by two screws, one at the top and one at the bottom of the front panel. Also at the top and bottom of the module are two handles which, when toggled (pushed outward), move the modules out just far enough for the boards to disengage the motherboard connectors.

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