GE DS200FSAAG2ABA Field Supply Amplifier Board

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Item no: DS200FSAAG2ABA

brand: GE


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Manufacture GE
Ordering information DS200FSAAG2ABA
Catalog Speedtronic Mark V
Description GE DS200FSAAG2ABA Field Supply Amplifier Board
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The GE Field Supply Amplifier Board DS200FSAAG2ABA features 5 jumpers, one  10-pin connector, and two fuses. It is also populated with multiple test points. Along with the 10-pin connector, the GE Field Supply Amplifier Board DS200FSAAG2ABA also is populated with four 2-pin connectors and so the board can be connected to multiple cables that must be disconnected and reconnected during the replacement. To avoid costly errors that might lead to increased downtime for the drive, and to make the replacement fast and easy, write on lengths of tape the identifier for the connector to which the cable is connected. Then, attach the tape to the cables. Only then should you disconnect the cables from the board. When you are ready to reconnect the cables, locate the connectors using the identifier and reconnect the cables.

When you are disconnecting the cables follow some guidelines to prevent damage. Only grasp the cables by the connector end to remove it. If you pull from the cable portion it puts stress on the cable and might damage the cable by pulling out the wires. This is especially true of ribbon cables because the multiple wires are very fine and the connection from the ribbon to the connector is not well supported. When you reconnect them make sure the cables are fully seated in the connector so that all signals are able to pass through to the board. If a connector has retention clips to hold the board in place, make sure they are engaged.

The DS200FSAAG2ABA GE Field Supply Amplifier Board features 5 jumpers, one 10-pin connector and two fuses. It is also designed with multiple test points and can be mounted via the standoffs on another device. Align the four holes on the board with the standoffs and use screws to attach the board. Once attached, you will need to cable the board to the device to allow the drive component work together. This board was designed with 4 capacitors, two of which are located on the right-hand side of the board. The other two capacitors on the board are located on the left-hand side and they store high voltage and also release it during normal operation.

The five jumpers on this board are only used during the manufacturing process to test various signals and circuits in the board and cannot be moved by the servicersince the alternate position is not a supported configuration. Other jumpers can be used to configure the board by changing the boards functionality.

To obtain the same functionality in the replacement board, position the jumpers on the replacement board to match the positions on the defective board.

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