XIO16T 620-002-000-113 extended input/output card

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Manufacture Others
Model XIO16T
Ordering information 620-002-000-113
Catalog AC31
Description XIO16T 620-002-000-113 extended input/output card
Origin Switzerland
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The XMV16 card is installed in the front of the rack and the XIO16T card is installed in the rear. Either a
VM600 standard rack (ABE 04x) or slimline rack (ABE 056) can be used and each card connects
directly to the rack’s backplane using two connectors.
The XMV16 / XIO16T card pair is fully software configurable and can be programmed to capture data
based on time (for example, continuously at scheduled intervals), events, machine operating
conditions (MOCs) or other system variables.
Individual measurement channel parameters including frequency bandwidth, spectral resolution,
windowing function and averaging can also be configured to meet the needs of specific applications.
Extended vibration monitoring card The XMV16 card performs the analogue to digital
conversion and all of the digital signal processing functions, including the processing for each
processed output (waveform or spectrum).
The XMV16 card acquires and processes data in high-resolution (24-bit A DC) to generate the desired
waveforms and spectra. The principal (main) acquisition mode performs continuous data
acquisition that is suitable for normal operation, increasing vibration levels and transient operations.
The 20 available processed outputs per channel can provide any configurable band based on the
asynchronously or synchronously acquired waveforms and spectra. A range of rectifier functions
are available, including RMS, peak, peak-to-peak, true peak, true peak-to-peak and DC (Gap). Outputs
are available for display to any standard (metric or imperial)
Various methods of averaging can be performed at the processing block level and at the output
(extracted data) level. The multi-channel processing functions supported include absolute shaft vibration, full spectrum, orbit and filtered orbit, shaft centerline and Smax.
Events are generated when values exceed one of five user configurable severities or exceed rate-of-change alarms. The amount of pre- and post-event data buffered in the on-board memory is configurable.
Machine states, such as full load (onload), overspeed and transient are detected from checks of the
reference speed against trigger levels. These states can be used by the software’s machine operating
conditions to control system behaviour. Typically, higher density logging is available depending on
machine operating conditions, configurable speed and time intervals, or any other process parameter.
Extended input / output card The XIO16T card acts as a signal interface for the XMV16 card, performs all of the analogue signal conditioning and also supports the external communications. In addition, it protects all inputs against signal surges and EMI to meet EMC standards.
The XIO16T card’s inputs are fully software configurable and can accept signals representing
speed and phase reference (for example, from TQ xxx sensors) and vibration derived from
acceleration, velocity and displacement (for example, from CA xxx, CE xxx, CV xxx and TQ xxx sensors).
The inputs also accept any dynamic or quasi-static signals that are appropriately signal conditioned.

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