Meggitt Vibro Meter 254-772-000-224 LEVEL detector and display module

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Item no: Vibro Meter 254-772-000-224

brand: Meggitt Vibro-Meter

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Manufacture Meggitt Vibro Meter
Model LEVEL detector and display module
Ordering information 254-772-000-224
Catalog VM600
Description Meggitt Vibro Meter 254-772-000-224 LEVEL detector and display module
Origin Switzerland
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The MPC4 performs a self-test and diagnostic routine on power-up. In addition, the card’s builtin
“OK system” continuously monitors the level of signals provided by a measurement chain (sensor
and/or signal conditioner) and indicates any problem due to a broken transmission line, faulty
sensor or signal conditioner.
An LED indicator on the MPC4 front panel indicates whether a processing or hardware error
has occurred. Six additional LEDs (one per input channel) indicate whether the OK System has
detected a fault and whether an alarm has occurred on the channel.
The MPC4 card is available in three versions: a “standard” version, a “separate circuits” version
and a “safety” (SIL) version, all of which function as a card pair using a corresponding IOC4T input/
output card.
Different versions of the MPC4 card The MPC4 card is available in different versions,
including “standard”, “separate circuits” and “safety” (SIL) versions. In addition, some versions
are available with a conformal coating applied to the circuitry of the card for additional
environmental protection against chemicals, dust, moisture and temperature extremes.
Both the ‘standard’ version and the “safety” (SIL) versions of the MPC4 card are certified to
IEC 61508 and ISO 13849, for use in functional safety contexts, such as SIL 1 in accordance with
IEC 61508 and PL c in accordance with ISO 13849-1.
The “standard” MPC4 card is the original version and supports all features and processing modes.
The “standard” MPC4 is intended for safety systems using a VM600 rack with a limited range
of cards, that is, “standard” MPC4/IOC4T card pairs and RLC16 relay cards. It has a VMEcompatible
slave interface so it is software configurable via VME when there is a CPUx card acting as a rack controller in the VM600 rack. It is also software configurable via RS-232 (on the front
panel of the card).

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