ICS Triplex T9300 T9851 I/O Backplane

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Item no: T9300 T9851

brand: ICS Triplex


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Manufacture ICS Triplex
Model T9300
Ordering information T9851
Catalog Trusted TMR System
Description ICS Triplex T9300 T9801 I/O Backplane
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


Base Units Rows and Expansion Cables

AADvance T9300 I/O base units connect to the right hand side of the T9100 processor base unit (I/O Bus 1) and to the right hand side of other T9300 I/O base units by a direct plug and socket connection. The I/O base units connect to the left hand side of the processor base unit by using the T9310 expansion cable (I/O Bus 2). The expansion cable also connects the right hand side of I/O base units to the left hand side of other I/O base units to install extra rows of I/ O base units. Base units are secured in place by top and bottom clips that are inserted into the slots on each base unit.

The expansion bus accessed from the right hand edge of the T9100 processor base unit is designated I/O Bus 1, while the bus accessed from the left hand edge is designated I/O Bus 2. The module positions (slots) in the I/O base units are numbered from 01 to 24, the left most position being slot 01. Any individual module position within the controller can thus be uniquely identified by the combination of its bus and slot numbers, for example 1-01.

The electrical characteristics of the I/O bus interface limit the maximum possible length of either of the two I/O buses (the combination of I/O base units and expansion cables) to 8 meters (26.24 ft.).

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