GE IS200CABPG1B IS200CABPG1BAA Control Assembly Backplane

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Manufacture GE
Model IS200CABPG1B
Ordering information IS200CABPG1BAA
Catalog Speedtronic Mark VI
Description GE IS200CABPG1B IS200CABPG1BAA Control Assembly Backplane
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The IS200CABPG1BAA is a Control Assembly Backplane (CABP) made by General Electric for its Innovation Series.

The IS200CABPG1BAA is typically a replacement board for the backplane on an Innovation series rack assembly. The rack is not provided with this board and is sold separately. The rack provides additional installation points for the boards that are being installed. Other PCBs are plugged into the 5 slots on the IS200CABPG1BAA and are allowed to interact and interface with external signals. Connections to these external interfacing components are provided with this board. These connections include ISBus ports, power supply inputs, diagnostic tools, a front panel keypad, and front panel meters.

The IS200CABPG1BAA has plugs that are designed to not allow non-board connections to accidentally be plugged into the wrong jack. The PCBs being plugged into the backplane should be installed carefully because while they do use different connections that are individually keyed, it is easy to damage the board by sliding it into the wrong slot. Slot 1 on the backplane is assigned to the BAIA board. Slot 2 is assigned to the DSPX board. Slot 3 is designated for the ACL_ board to the GBIA/PBIA modules. Slot 4 is for the BIC_ board. Slot 5 is meant to be for a BPI_ or FOSA board. There are two stab-on connectors that are labeled E1 and E2 that go to GND. There are two other stab-on connectors labeled E3 and E4 that go to CCOM. There are 21 jumpers on this board. J1-J12 jumpers are external interfaces. J13-J21 are the actual card slots on the backplane.

The IS200CABPG1 developed by General Electric is what is known as a control assembly backplane board. This is a type of printed circuit board or PCB which was created for the Speedtronic Mark VI series. It is a multi-layer printed wiring board that provides for the connections of the printed wiring boards which are inserted into it. This board interfaces with external signals and others may be inserted into the CABP board. Its primary function is to provide connectors for various external interfaces such as user control inputs and outputs, front panel meters, diagnostic and configuration tools, front panel keypads, ports and power supply inputs. It was designed to contain nine connectors in different sizes and located at the top edge of this board are an additional four (4) connector ports. Fourteen jumper pins are also included and are grouped together in two groups on opposite sides of the board.

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