GE DS200SLCCG3AEG LAN control module

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Manufacture GE
Ordering information DS200SLCCG3AEG
Catalog Speedtronic Mark V
Description GE DS200SLCCG3AEG LAN control module
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The DS200SLCCG3AEG GE Mark V LAN control module is designed for use within GE Mark V and other Industrial systems.

The Mark V turbine control system can be used with gas or steam turbines and can be designed as either a triple modular redundant or a simplex system, making the Mark V compatible with both large and small systems.   It is important to note that there are many versions of the SLCC module available.  The end-user should be familiar with these different versions and make sure they are ordering the correct board for their particular needs.

The DS200SLCCG3AEG module is designed without fuses or any other end-user serviceable parts.  The board is designed for replacement when it reaches a failed state.  However, the U6 and U7 EPROMs, which hold the configuration data programmed at the factory, can be removed from your old card and replaced onto your replacement board.

The DS200SLCCG3AEG was developed by General Electric as a local area network (LAN) communication card and is a member of the Mark V series of drive boards. Members of this series can be installed into a number of drives and exciters across the GE family and after installation provides a communication medium for the host drive or exciter. This unit is a G1 version of the board, which features circuitries needed for both DLAN and ARCNET network communications.

In its primary function it provides both isolated and nonisolated communications circuits to the host drive or exciter and features an integrated LAN control processor (LCP). The programs for the LCP are stored in the two removable EPROM memory cartridges while dual ported RAM provides necessary space for both the LCP and the external drive control board to communicate. A 16 key alphanumeric keypad is also designed into the board allowing users to easily access error codes and diagnostic information on board.

When you recieve the board it will be wrapped in a protective static resistant plastic covering. Prior to removing from its protective casing it is best practice to review all installation parameters outlined by the manufacturer and allow only qualified personnel to handle and install this communication board.

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