GE DS200LDCCH1AHA Drive Control/LAN Communications Board

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Item no: DS200LDCCH1AHA

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Manufacture GE
Ordering information DS200LDCCH1AHA
Catalog Speedtronic Mark V
Description GE DS200LDCCH1AHA Drive Control/LAN Communications Board
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The DS200LDCCH1AHA card was manufactured by General Electric as a drive control and LAN (local area network) communications board. As a member of the Mark V series, this card is suitable for installation into a number of DIRECTO-MATIC 2000 exciters and drives. When installed the card provides a number of I/O control and drive function services to the host drive.

Four microprocessors are housed on the DS200LDCCH1AHA communications board. Featured on the card is a LAN control processor (LCP) capable of accepting five different bus systems. The card also includes a drive control processor (DCP) used to converting both analog and digital I/O signals. The DCP can also be used to convert incoming I/O signals from connected peripheral devices such as encoders and timers.

Digital I/O signals are generally processed with the motor control processor (MCP). If the signals sent to the MCP require additional power to process, the co-motor processor (CMP) will provide the additional board power for this. Users can easily access board diagnostics and error codes via the attached alphanumeric programming keypad.

The DS200LDCCHAHA is a LAN communications circuit board developed by General Electric. It is used in GE EX2000 Excitation and DC2000 product lines and is an advanced 7-layer circuit board that is essentially the brains of the EX2000 and DC2000. The primary functions provided by the board include operator interface, LAN communications, drive and motor processing and drive resets. It includes several onboard features including a microprocessor controlled LAN (local area networks) communications, controlled drive and motor processing, operator interface and complete drive resets. There are four microprocessors on the board, providing it with a sweeping coverage of I/O and drive control. The drive control processor is located on the board as position U1 and it provides integrated I/O peripherals, offering abilities like timers and decoders. The second is a motor control processor recognized on the board as U21. Motor control circuitry and I/O (analog and digital) communications are available with this processor. U35 is the location of the co-motor processor. Only used when additional processing is required, this section works to perform advanced mathematics the MCP cannot compute.

The final processor found on the board is the LAN control processor in position U18. Five bus systems (DLAN+, DLAN, Genius, CPL, and C-bus) are accepted by this processor. A user interface system is available with an attached alphanumeric keypad allowing users to view and adjust system settings and diagnostics.

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