GE DS200DTBDG1ABB Terminal Board

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Item no: DS200DTBDG1ABB

brand: GE


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Manufacture GE
Ordering information DS200DTBDG1ABB
Catalog Speedtronic Mark V
Description GE DS200DTBDG1ABB Terminal Board
Origin United States (US)
HS Code 85389091
Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
Weight 0.8kg


The GE Terminal Board DS200DTBDG1ABB features 2 terminal blocks. Each block contains 107 terminals for signal wires. The GE Terminal Board DS200DTBDG1ABB also contains multiple test points, 2 jumpers, and 3 34-pin connectors. The board also contains 3 40-pin connectors. The board is 11.25 inches in length and 3 inches in height. It is designed to fit in a specific location in the drive interior and is secured in place with screws.

First use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the GE Terminal Board DS200DTBDG1ABB. After you have removed the signal wires, ribbon cables, and other cables the board can be removed easily. With one hand remove the screws and hold them with your other hand. If they drop into the drive, retrieve them before you continue. They might cause a high-voltage short between cables or components. It is possible for them also to become jammed in the powerful moving parts in the drive. This might cause damage to the motor or other components.

Carefully remove the board and keep it from hitting against other boards or devices inside the drive. You might accidentally knock off components from other boards or scratch the surface of boards.

If you label the signal wires and ribbon cables with the connector IDs of where they are to be connected, the installation of the board is easy. Due to the multiple cables connected to the board, route the cables so that they do not block the air vents. The air vents enable cool air to enter the drive and draw away heat from the components.

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